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Your Adventure begins at the Visitor Centre where you set off on your journey up 9 flights of stairs to arrive at the bridge deck.

You will be protected by a clip-in system and led along a narrow gantry to ‘the gate’ where you will be secured into the abseil system, given a final check and briefing after which we will open the gate and you start your abseil.

Your journey of 50m (164 ft) to the ground will take around 2 minutes and you will be in control of your own descent whilst also protected by a safety rope operated by one of our qualified staff. When you reach the ground you will be assisted from the abseil and directed to the visitor centre to receive your certificate.

If you prefer an even bigger ADRENALINE rush try the Xtreme Forward Abseil for a full-on view of the 50 metre drop below as you descend in a horizontal position - dare to do it? A truly exhilarating experience and massive personal achievement !!!

Prices: Standard abseil £30 Xtreme abseil £45

For more information or to book online click here:  Odyssey Adventure

For further details please contact Odyssey Adventure directly on 0797 100 6845. Please note, in adverse weather conditions, abseiling events may not go ahead. 

Abseiling takes place between 9am and 4pm. Abseiling takes place in groups of 4 to 6 people. To ensure a manageable flow of people times are allocated, however people may request a specific time on the booking form and they will try their best to accommodate.

Tees Transporter Bridge and Visitor Centre

The Tees Transporter Bridge has been the area’s landmark since opening in 1911. It is the longest working transporter bridge in the world and an iconic symbol of Teesside’s engineering and industrial heritage.

The Tees Transporter Bridge has played an important role in the area’s history for over a century and continues to provide an important and unique crossing over the River Tees. In recent years the Transporter has emerged as a leading historic visitor attraction and is one of the UK’s major sites for extreme sports including abseils, bungee jumps and zipslides.

In 2011 to mark the Bridge’s centenary the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) confirmed a £2.6m award for refurbishment and upgrade work to the Tees Transporter Bridge.

The HLF supported Tees Transporter Bridge Visitor Experience Project included the installation of a glass viewing lift to provide improved access to the upper walkway, renovation of the gondola and the development of state-of-the-art visitor resources.

Opening times

Monday   7:15am-12.00pm


Tuesday   7:15am-12.00pm


Wednesday     7:15am-12.00pm


Thursday   7:15am-12.00pm


Friday   7:15am-12.00pm


Saturday   9.30am-12.00pm


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